Vital to maintaining vehicle emission and power, At TomDiesel we supply cutting edge, replacement Suction Control Valves that offer the optimum solution for  consistently controlling the fuel pressure in common rail engines. The SCV 04226-0L020 in the common rail fuel system basically acts as the throttle to the fuel pump, conserving energy in the system by allowing only the required amount of fuel to be pumped through the system.

Features and benefits
> Suction Control Valves maintain consistent fuel pressure in common rail diesel engines, helping to maintain power, consistent performance and ease of starting
> HP2, HP3 and HP4 valve types available
> Growing selection of part numbers, covering wide range of key applications
Maintaining the correct fuel pressure under all driving and load conditions is a requirement for the efficient operation on a Common Rail Diesel (CRD). An ECU operated suction control valve (SCV) or fuel metering control valve (FMCV) located on the back of the high-pressure supply pump is utilised for this purpose.

Common typical faults affecting SCV operation.

Excess wear, contaminated fuel or an electrical malfunction with the SCV or FMCV can create major driveability problems and possible no start condition.

Generally, the SCV is available as a replacement unit for a range of CRD supply pumps.

The suction control valve 04226-0L010 plays a critical role in the common rail diesel injection system, and is also one of the “usual suspects” in common rail diesel faults.The SCV may be classified as a normally open or normally closed operating unit.

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