Injector – Revo Gun126 1GD 2.8 Toyota Ori



Tomdiesel is a Zimbabwean  company based in Harare. Established for over 2 decades ago, Tomdiesel specializes in the repairing and reconditioning of Diesel injectors and also new original injector suppliers retailing them nationwide as well as to many countries around the world.

To date, Tomdiesel stands as one of the most trusted name in this business. Our dedication, commitment to quality services, professionalism, products dependability and competitive prices are reasons that underlie our success.

The company advocates it’s commitment to serve all our customers’ auto parts needs by offering them the concept and convenience of shopping under one roof. Our team of professionals will enthusiastically give you a complete and competitive line of automotive products you require at a guaranteed greater price savings that will also come with the best customer support.