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Nozzles all Types

At TomDiesel we stock a wide range of nozzles including genuine and replacement for Bosch, CAV (Delphi), Simms, Bryce, Zexel, Diesel Kiki, Yanmar, Nippon Denso, Leyland, Stanadyne, Gardner etc.

We have all three basic types of nozzle in common use. These include (a) The pintle type, (6) The hole type, and (c) Two-stage injection (Pintaux) type. The Pintle Type Injector.

For a diesel engine to function correctly, the injector has to produce atomised fuel at a set pressure and a specific time in the power cycle. To achieve this, the injector nozzle might need to be replaced at some stage if the engine is not performing as economically as it used to or if nozzle replacement is an intrinsic part of a car’s service plan.

If nozzle replacement is required, like-for-like is a must, otherwise an injector fitted with the wrong spray angle nozzle may cause engine malfunction.

Although it may seem like a basic engine part, the injector nozzle consists of a number of components: the needle, needle seat, needle tip, injector body, injector sac, and nozzle hole, to name a few. Ensuring that each of these components is machined with high precision and that the nozzle is then assembled with the utmost care guarantees that a fuel injector will perform at its best. Several factors must be accounted for: the weight and balance of the injector body (this affects the longevity and efficiency of the nozzle), the size and geometry of the nozzle hole (this determines how the fuel will be dispersed by the injector), and a whole host of other considerations.

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