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feed and lift pumps

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Tomdiesel offers a wide range of new feed & lift pumps for all engines, Feed &  Lift Pump repair kits are also available.

The function of feed pump is to deliver the fuel from the fuel tank to fuel injection pump through the fuel filter. The feed pump is attached to the injection pump and driven by its camshaft. A lift pump is a supply pump that transfers fuel from the tank, up to the engine’s injection system.

The fuel feed pump used for the diesel engine is similar to that of a fuel lift pump for the petrol engine. It delivers the fuel from the tank to the injection pump continuously and at a reasonable pressure. It is necessary because there is possibility of formation of vapour bubbles and subsequently cavitation in the pump due to suction of the rapidly moving plungers of the injection pump. This would lead to uncontrolled variations in the rate of delivery of fuel to the cylinders, causing rough running and possibly even mechanical damage to the engine. Also cavitation could cause mechanical damage in the injection pump. Generally delivery pressures of between about 29 and 98 kPa adequate for preventing vapour formation on the suction side of in-line type injection pumps. This pressure also ensures adequate supply of fuel for filling the plunger elements at high speeds in a rotary or distribution pumps.

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