Common Rail Parts

Common Rail Parts



Common Rail Parts

At Tomdiesl we pride ourselves on being one of Zimbabwe’s largest suppliers of common rail spare parts as well as tools and test equipment. The range covers spare parts for rebuilding and reconditioning Common Rail pumps and Common Rail injectors. Our large range of spares includes Nozzles, Seal kits, cap nuts, injector seating washers, leak off connectors, high pressure seals, Pilot valves and more. We also stock a range of conventional type diesel pumps and diesel injectors eg Simms Inline pumps, CAV Inline pumps, DPA Rotary pumps, DPC Rotary pumps, Bosch Rotary pumps, Zexel pumps, Denso pumps and Bryce single cylinder pumps.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to diesel injection spares (parts and assemblies) we have a massive range of over 20,000 part numbers covering all the best known manufacturers.

If you are unable to find a part on our database, please do not hesitate to give us a call and our technical support advisors and sales staff will be only too happy to help you locate that part, or alternatively, if we can possibly source it for you we will.

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